• Downsizing, step by step

    (also convenient if you’re not about to go small)

    downsizen, stap voor stapA regular sized family home. Living room. Bed rooms. Office space. Bath room. Walk in closet. Pantry. Small barn. Garden. Kitchen. What’s in there has to fit into a Tiny Home. Think about the size of an RV. Yeah, right…
    Well, that is what you call downsizing. And that’s a process. Not a Spring clean-up, no, a process. Oh my gosh, it’s so good!

    Why is downsizing a process?

    For the simple reason that stuff, in my experience, is so much more than just stuff. Let me explain. For example, a table. The table I’m talking about is a table I bought for myself after I broke up with my boyfriend. We had a home together with a mortgage, years ago. This table somehow represented a statement. Breaking free of what was there and starting anew. Yes, I know, it’s just a table but this happens! Getting rid of this particular table touched all those memories again. I could feel some left overs from that period and by consciously downsizing this table, the left overs had a change to be released. Therefore, it’s a process. And this is just one table. There is more stuff in the house and that’s quite a bit to handle with. That’s why I decided to downsize in steps. Taking and making it a little bit easier for myself. Maybe they’re of some use to you too. Here they are…

    Step 1: the it’s-just-standing-there clutter

    Very simple. First things first. Getting rid of the clutter that I had no attachment to. The easiest step. Pulling it out of the closets and into a box for the thrift shop. Or putting it on the net for sale. For example. Well, that’s a start.

    In random order step 2 and step 3.

    Step 2: the I-actually-don’t-like-it-but-it’s-a-gift-from-… stuff

    You know exactly what I’m talking about. You sometimes just do not have the nerves to get rid of it. What if? Some people do not care. In that case, bless yourself. I am sensitive about it though. Afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by throwing it away. And it’s exactly thát why it’s so good to find another place or purpose for this stuff.  By getting rid of it, you actually create a back bone. I do not want this. It’s not me. Period. Clarity in wishes and needs. That’s a.
    B. I often wondered: if someone gave me this, do I really think that I do this person a favor by keeping it without being happy about it? No. Do yourself a favor instead and free yourself from this clamp! You are allowed to do so. Just start with one book for example and see what it does to you. I made sure I did something nice with it, to honor the connection I have with the person who gave it to me.

    Step 3: The it-all-seemed-so-convenient-and-handy stuff

    downsizen, citruspersYes, in the very exceptional case of preparing that particular meal, it indeed may come in handy to have it in my drawer. It’s very true. But let’s be honest here, how often have I used it so far? Not one time? Okay, get out! If I do wish to follow that special recipe, do I actually really need it? It’s filling up my kitchen drawers! It’s just laying there, unused, becoming dusty, moving to another apartment for the third time. Make someone else happy with it! Okay…

    Step 4: The heavy stuff…

    The stuff I’m talking about here might be small, but they have a history. They’re loaded emotionally. In your case it might be something you inherited. It may be a book from your childhood. Don’t get me wrong here, to me, downsizing doesn’t mean I want to get rid of everything. Please, no! It’s about finding another purpose for the stuff, and you will start to recognize it, that simply no longer serve you and even, in one way or the other, are holding you back, unconsciously, from whatever you wish to do in life. How to deal with that?
    What I did is to really feel. What does it represent? Why am I so touched by the idea of getting rid of it? A question that was helpful here was this: does this object represents what I feel for or how I feel about a certain person? Do I need it in order to think of this person or situation? And by really, consciously letting this in, what it represents to me, the object became just an object. The memory or the feeling for this person found its way into my heart. I liked that!   After this process, I was able to pass it on with love. Who knows, it may just work that way for you too.

    Step 5: Make someone else happy with it!

    This last step is, in my opinion, what completes the downsize process. If having all this stuff is not making me happy, well, maybe someone else will. Pass it on! Or sell it if you feel it has some value to it. Do that with love. They served you well once (or tried to do that). Make someone else happy with it. It will then also go the right way energetically.

    All of a sudden I was downsized. The clutter that left my home and me, created space, literally and also within. I have less stuff and I feel enriched. Hmmmmm… nice! A healthy time spent.

    And no, I still do not miss a single thing.
    Good luck!



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