My Tiny House NL

My wish in 2013: My own tiny home. Made of mainly natural materials. Clutter? Nope and more space for my own rhythm. That suits me! All that's left to do, is to build it. In a factory.

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About Frieda

Born in the Netherlands. 42 Years old. A digital nomad who's traveling back and forth between the USA and Holland to see some tiny houses.

The Project

From a wish to build my home in the Netherlands to having a business in the States, in the Tiny House Industry. What happened and what's the plan?

What's a tiny house?

A small home, most of the times on wheels. It turned into a movement. It's been there for a while in the USA and growing strong in the Netherlands.


Much to be found on the world wide web on tiny houses. These are my favorites! Such as books, videos, builders, and events.

My latest blog

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