About Frieda

Frieda Bakker My Tiny House

I like to ride my bicycle. Shower way too long. Eat mainly organic and a bit weird. I love a good conversation, gardening, adore music, and I write sometimes. Frieda in a nutshell.

Work in order to live? No

For the love of myself I decided to change the way my basic needs were organized. I often felt like my job was a must, a necessity to be able to live in a home that didn’t suit me. It was too big or too expensive for what I would get, and most importantly, need! With too much stuff in it. I wanted to organize that in a different manner. Adjusting my home to my own needs, not the other way around. While having a job that doesn’t feel like working.


So I did.

In 2014 I quit my job and started my own business providing consultancy and education on attainable, small, and simple living. I went from a regular sized family home to a 19m2 (200 sqf) room in a co-house. Downsizing that is! Because I wanted to de-clutter and have more room for “life” and so my tiny living journey began… Initially I had the wish to build my own tiny house in the Netherlands. At that time there wasn’t much going on in my home country, if at all. I therefore went for inspiration and knowledge to the USA, the Tiny House Jamboree of 2015 in Colorado Springs. I had a blast!

Human Scale Living Advocate

DSC_0153The visit to the USA changed me and my life. I visited the USA regularly after the Jamboree and I’ve been involved in both Tiny House Movements and the businesses surrounding it for the last four years. In the Netherlands I helped spark the movement and for example organized the first Tiny House Meetup, wrote several articles for Tiny House Magazine, wrote a chapter in and helped edit Turning Tiny (the book with over 60 personal stories from the luminaries on living, building, and breathing tiny), have been involved in several Small-Living Developments, took care of social media of several tiny house initiatives, and more.

I’m blessed to be so involved in something I’m passionate about, and advocate a lifestyle that’s adjusted to me and my needs. Not the other way around. It’s called Human Scale Living. This goes beyond the concept of a tiny house. That is just one concept that we need to change the variety on the housing market.

New ventures!

I therefore started a new business in the USA, Frog Ventures. I will provide products and services to make way for more variety on the housing market. Houses (and offices too!) these days are just not attainable anymore for most of us. We need better builds, better materials, better processes, and a different approach to housing. I’m in a position to make a change and I want to! I will sell factory-built, craftsmanship, cool design (small) houses in the mountains of Colorado. I’m also providing services such as Project Management and Sales & Marketing for Small-Living Developments plus Consultancy to businesses wanting to tap into this market. My visa, because I need one to do this, is in the making and I can’t wait to get started!

Hope to meet you one day!