• Turning Tiny now also available in Europe

    turning tinyTurning tiny, the American book with over 60 personal tiny house stories from TH peeps such as Jay Shafer, Andrew Morrison, Dee Williams, Andrew Odom, Darin Zaruba, and many more. Each contributor takes you on a personal journey through their story of how they turned tiny. After reading it, you have a better understanding of where we’re at. What is this movement about? Will it last? Or is it just a trend? And how the h**k do they do it? The book is divided into 6 sections: The Tiny House, Tiny House Business, Tiny House Community, Tiny Philosophy, Tiny Alternatives (think house boats, shipping containers, tree houses), and the Tiny Lifestyle (kids? In a tiny home? How about pets?).

    The book came to life after the overwhelming success of the first Tiny House Jamboree in 2015, with 40,000 visitors, and was unveiled before the second annual Jamboree in 2016, which saw an estimated 60,000 attendees! A gathering of all those (known) bloggers, builders, and  residents. Too many beautiful untold stories from the current movers and shakers of the movement. So Darin Zaruba, organizer of the Jamboree, compiled a lot of them. Because of my close involvement in both the Dutch, European, and American movement and my visit to the first Jamboree, I’m in there too. Proud!

    Want? Order now at NAi Booksellers in Rotterdam

    They ship to every country in Europe! Simply order online HERE.

    And you will have the actual book on your shelves, with over 570 pages of tiny stuff. Check out this link to get a better idea of the content. Prefer reading an e-book? Kindle version is available too, at Amazon.

    My chapter in the book:

    You’ll find my contribution in the section Tiny Philosophy. I’m talking about why I think it’s important that there needs to be more variety in the housing market. Many people have a hard time contributing to society in their own unique way. Often creative and slightly different thinking people. The so called misfits. And we so need them these days! Without them we can’t move forward, as a society. They are the ones who pioneer, who make us aware of what we actually do, who change the standard.
    We, as human beings, are also programmed in a way that as soon as we worry about a roof above our heads and food on the table, our simple basic needs, we stop thriving and all our attention will go to survival. The frog brain part. However, a too expensive, big home with a mortgage that will keep you in the loop of working and earning money full-time is what dominates the current housing market. We, as a society, therefore trapped ourselves. And as soon as you find your own unique way of living that is enough to support you in your own unique way, often enough there are rules and regulations that will keep you from getting there. Now what?
    An inner battle. You wish to thrive and contribute to society in your own way and at the same time you have to take care of the often too expensive and too big of a home. And the housing market lacks variety so there isn’t much to choose from either!
    Exactly, TINY HOUSES! One of the homes that I would like to invite back into society. Let’s open it up and break the mold here! And not just for tiny houses. It should be made possible for you to choose a home and a size that fits you and your lifestyle. Not the other way around. An in my opinion important and huge difference. That’s what my chapter is about. I take you by the hand and tell you about my own journey as a misfit and why I turned tiny. (And by the way, I secretly do not like the word misfit. No one truly is a MISfit).




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