• Article in Tiny House Magazine ~ issue 35

    Tiny House Magazine Issue 35

    Tiny House Magazine Issue 35

    I’m proud to announce that an article of mine is featured in Tiny House Magazine issue … 35!

    Honest Reminder, a journal entry

    A personal story, a moment in time, about pioneering, goofy hair, and being a bit too aware of yourself. Human, sometimes funny drama stuff that you can stumble into while being busy with things like building your own Tiny Home. You may recognize some of it…

    A teaser:
    … sitting behind my desk questioning myself. What’s the next move? I have no idea. I have this vision of living in a tiny home and this vision is rock solid. The way towards it changed. That’s hard from time to time. Changes are hard. Not for myself actually, but for myself in relationship to society, to my followers with their “in my head, made up” expectations, to journalists with their direct questions. All I can say right now is: “I don’t know.” It’s humbling. It’s …
    > > >

    You can read the full article by purchasing the entire magazine (for $4,99, by using a credit card or PayPal). The Magazine is a PDF file, also available for iOs and Android. During the check-out process, you will see the e-mail address of Kent Griswold. That’s the owner and founder of Tiny House Magazine.

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    In this issue you will also find an article from Gabriella Morrison (from the Morrison’s hOMe) about living tiny with two teens. An entry on how to live healthy and exercise while staying in a Tiny Home. Off-Grid solutions with the focus on composting toilets. And of course, a lot of Tiny Houses! A total of 81 pages!




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