What’s a Tiny House?

Jay Shafer

Jay Shafer, an inspirator and a pioneer for so many who follow the Tiny House Movement

It’s a small home, often on wheels, which can be build by yourself without any interference of a bank. That’s the summarized version. The term Tiny House has flown over from America. There’s, due to the increase of home sizes and their prices with a growing need for energy and the following economic crisis, a growing need for a different way of life. Simplified, smaller, less clutter, more self sufficiency and cheaper. For a part, I recognize myself in this story and that’s why I decided to use the term Tiny House as well, for this project.

Tiny House Movement

The so called need for change of the way we live has resulted in a movement: the Tiny House movement. At the moment it’s flourishing in the US and in Canada. The video shown below is a documentary about the movement and it was my first encounter with Tiny Houses. I would love to share it with you. It’s a good overview of what it’s all about.

The Tiny House Movement in the Netherlands

In my own country, the Netherlands, the situation is not as bad as in America. Our houses are already smaller and the economic crisis didn’t leave the same trail as it did in the US. But also here, things are starting to change. It’s not that easy anymore to get a loan with the bank. They want more assurance from for example your employer. Your income need to be very steady. On the other hand, employers are not as willing as a few years ago with providing steady contracts. So there is a growing gap between the two.
Together with a change of perspective on capitalism (more is better), on the dependency of energy and the need for a more stressless, natural and more conscious life, the Tiny House movement has entered our country as well. A year ago you would not find much on the net. Nowadays several projects appear on the world wide web and soon those folks, including me, will be proud Tiny House owners.